Fitness and Lifestyle Expert

“Believe you can and you’re halfway there ” – Theodore Roosevelt

Many of Sara’s clients come to her because they are:

– sick of having to dress around their weight
– tired of feeling self-conscious about their body
– feeling frustrated with pointless diets that leave them hungry and unsatisfied
– craving the feeling of being energetic
– wanting sport-specific training


So, who is Sara and what does she do?


Who is Sara?
Highly qualified in her field, with more than a decade of experience and knowledge about exercise and nutrition, Sara is your go-to person if you’re sick of saying you’ll start tomorrow! Sara is someone who understands how to get you to where you want to be. She gets success from understanding the intimate connection between exercise and nutrition.

Whether you need faster feet on court, are recovering from an injury or more simply, you just want to fit into those jeans and feel energised, Sara will make the whole experience a totally enjoyable one – believe it or not!
One of Sara’s greatest areas of strength is making individualised plans based on clients’ differing personalities and needs. One of her favourite areas of work is weight loss. She is never one to turn down a challenge, no matter how big, and gets great pleasure from turning people’s lives around. Statistics show that working with a good personal trainer increases your likelihood of success by 70%. You can view some of her countless success stories below.


What is Sara’s workout style?
Sara loves to mix things up when it comes to working out but believes in making sure every client goes through the basic strength and conditioning necessary to be SAFE and able to progress to more advanced exercises if/or when desired, with CONFIDENCE and WITHOUT INJURIES.

Sara really believes in working with individual personalities and understanding what works for them. She will make sure your all-round strength and fitness is balanced and that your fitness programme fits into your everyday life.

Sara uses suspension training (trx/crosscore180), kettlebells, resistance bands, body weight, vipers, agility ladders, free weights and Olympic/powerlifting as part of her workouts.


What makes Sara’s style different?
Ultimately, Sara’s passion for her cause and her readiness to go above and beyond what is expected of her in her role as a fitness and lifestyle coach is what sets her apart from the rest.


What types of result can I expect from being under Sara’s guidance and in what time frame?
Sara firmly believes that it’s up to the individual’s commitment to his/her goals that makes all the difference when it comes to how fast they achieve them. “Knowing what to do is the easy part,” she says, “getting into people’s psyche is where it becomes more challenging and where success is rooted.” Once you start making the necessary changes, results are very fast.

That said, success is dependent on many factors and as such it would be better to contact Sara about your individual case for more specific information.


BA Law and European Union Studies
Post Grad Cert in Education (Primary)

FISAF Certified Personal Trainer
FISAF Certified Aqua Aerobics Instructor
Separate course certification in Power Lifting, Senior and Youth Training


Anne Marie Carlisle

My teenage daughter and I both love training with Sara! She has helped us strengthen and improve our overall fitness so we can avoid injury, aches and pains from playing sports and life in general. Until I met Sara, I considered physical training to be a boring nuisance, and I would avoid going to the … Read more "Anne Marie Carlisle"

Anne Marie Carlisle

Nerina Amlani

Sara is one of the best personal trainers I have ever worked with.  I tried numerous trainers in Singapore and had a difficult time finding someone who could push me to my limits while also tailoring the workout to fit my style and needs.  I realised very quickly that Sara has exceptional experience; in my … Read more "Nerina Amlani"

Nerina Amlani

Andrea McDonald

little stamina or drive – and I lacked energy and confidence. I thought I was eating nutritiously but my weight was over 70kg and I was constantly exhausted. Sara instilled in me the need to exercise regularly and follow a routine. My training with her, over the last four years, has empowered me with new … Read more "Andrea McDonald"

Andrea McDonald (Grade 5 Teacher)

Evy Theunis

I have been lucky and blessed in life. I have all that I can dream of, and more. I am your typical ambitious overachiever (are you hating me already J?), with a fantastic husband, the best parents and family, entertainment guaranteed friends and recently also the cutest six pack baby.   I had always been … Read more "Evy Theunis"

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