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Don’t run the risk of taking tennis lessons and not improving your game! Our highly experienced coaches are experts when it comes to helping our clients maximise their potential and developing top competitive players. Whether it’s helping you beat that opponent that always gets to you, simply improving your fitness, or helping you developing a new skill, our passionate coaches are exactly what you’ve been searching for!


Private Lessons

$140/hr – $200/hr


Private sessions involve one to one coaching where strong foundations are built. This may include technical, tactical and/or mental strength work.
One to one sessions enable our coaches to focus fully on a students individual game and needs, giving them a chance to cater lessons in a very unique way to meet each persons potential. This involves not only working with their individual game but also with the unique personality of each student, working with strategies and learning styles that suit each person.

Semi Private Lessons

2 Students, $80 each


Semi Private lessons are a great way to incorporate students learning in private lessons, giving them a chance to put that learning to practise playing against an opponent of a similar level.

Group Lessons

3 Students, $60 each
4-8 Students, $40 each

Group lessons are a brilliant opportunity to breed passion and allow students to really enjoy the sport whilst giving them invaluable time competing against players of a similar standard. For competitive players, group lessons are a lot more focused on the tactical side of the game and creating a deeper understanding of how to play the game, as opposed to reactive tennis (‘see-ball, hit-ball’) which robs students of reaching their potential.


Groups further allow a relatively solitary sport to become more social and provide younger students time to play their favourite games, alongside doing hard work! A lot of personal development takes place in groups where coaches teach sportsmanship and students develop socially. Group lessons, like semi private lessons, also give students the perfect opportunity to practise technique and tactics learnt in private sessions, in a more pressured and competitive environment.

Ladies/Men’s Clinics

Price dependant on numbers

Ladies and mens clinic are a great way for tennis teams and doubles partners to train together. Clinics are also perfect for groups of friends just wanting to improve their game and have some fun!

Holiday Camps



9am-12pm or 3pm-6pm

Holiday camps for the beginner are about instilling passion and fun. Getting a taste of what it’s what like to feel the sensation of a rally or a point, of winning or losing, even in a mini tennis setting with red dot balls, is what gets students wrapped up and begging for more.


For the intermediate player, we delve deeper into the understanding of point construction and why we tend to win or lose points. We also begin to teach more footwork patterns and efficiency in movement.


Our advanced player will be pushed physically and challenged to understanding the mental and emotional side of the game more deeply (mental routines and self management). Advanced footwork patterns and advanced strategy is always implemented.

Private Court Bookings

$25/hr Hard courts before 7pm, $30/hr after 7pm
$30/hr Clay courts before 7pm, $35 after 7pm

Courts are open to private bookings and team training bookings when not in use by Tennis Inc staff.
For private court bookings, pls contact Tennis Inc